Siyu Zha


Research Interest:

creativity, learning motivation,Innovative education design


·Zha,S.,Peng,R.,&Zhang,F.(2018,December10).The Effects on Young Students’ Computational Thinkingin CS Unplugged Activities .docx. Presented at the London International Conference on Education, Cambridge, UK.

·Zha,S.,Chen, G.,& Liu, Y. (2018, November). The effects of a visual game programmingenvironment on programming education for elementary school students. Presentedat the The 5th International STEM in Education Conference, Brisbane,Queensland, Australia.

·刘昱辛, 陈桄, 査思雨, & 张安琦.(2018). 基于计算思维培养的教师培训课程设计与实践. In S.-C. Kong, D. Andone, G. Biswas, T. Crick, H.U. Hoppe, T.Hsu, … J. Vahrenhold (Eds.), Proceedings of the InternationalConference on Computational Thinking Education 2018 (pp. 169–172). Hong Kong:The Education University of Hong Kong.

·Liu, Y., Chen, G., Cheng, W., Zhang, A.,& Zha,S. (2017,September). Exploring the Implementations of Integrated STEM Education in K-12 Schools: A Systematic Review. Presented at the International Society for STEM in Education Symposium, Banff, Canada.


The LegoFoundation’s online middle school project under the COVID-19:Because ofCOVID-19, online STEAM course content was designed for primary school, andteaching is carried out through live broadcast, recording and other methods,allowing students to conduct online collaborative learning and explore the learningthrough play influence on students’ learning effects and learning interestsduring online learning, besides,finding the differences in student learningexperience under different teaching methods.

National K16Technology and Engineering Education League Curriculum Cooperation Project:Combining the research results of TULLL and the iCenter of Tsinghua University,we designed and developed the “Interpersonal Communication” coursefor high school students and carried out. Comprehensive attempts andexplorations of innovative courses.

TsinghuaUniversity undergraduate course cooperation project: Design and develop the”Entrepreneurship Thinking” course with Fundamental Industry TrainingCenter of Tsinghua University, incorporate innovative education and teachingmethods, design corresponding activities, and comprehensively cultivatestudents’ entrepreneurial awareness, spirit and entrepreneurial ability.

LifelongLearning Laboratory Project X: Design and implement the “UnpluggedProgramming Lessons” for 6-7 year old children, and carry out teachingresearch on the development of computational thinking of students in STEMeducation in primary school.

StanfordUniversity ME310 Design Thinking Course Project: With the theme of “FutureEducation”, with the joint efforts of the team, through demand analysis、brainstorming、plan conception、prototyping and iterative testing, explore AI infuture education how to assist the teaching in the collaborative learningprocess, and finally design the AI ​​Tutor prototype and display it.