Di Zhao



Research Interest:

Teacher education, teacher education textbook analysis, innovative teacher education strategies;


Di first went to the U.S. as a foreign exchange student in high school in a small village in Wisconsin. She then went on to attend the Ohio State University. In 2010, she went to the University of Oxford as an exchange student and studied Anglo-American legal systems, which resulted in a comparative study analyzing Anglo-American immigrant laws.

She graduated from the Ohio State University with dual degrees in Political Science and International Relations. In 2015, Di received her Master of Arts degree in Education from Stanford University. Upon graduation, she worked at Sunnyvale School District as a Social Studies teacher as well as serving on the School District’s English Learners Advisory Committee. Di joined Lab for Lifelong Learning, Tsinghua University in 2017.

  • Publications:

Ye, J., & Zhao, D. (2019). Developing different identity trajectories: Lessons from the Chinese teachers. Teachers and Teaching, 25(1), 34-53

Zhao, D. Combination measures for improving the quality of teacher candidates[N]. China Education Newspaper, 2018-10-15

Zhao, D., Wu, Z., Peng, Ruiwen., How to “learning through play” in the process of lifelong learning [J]. Information technology education in primary and secondary schools. 2017, 08, 60-63.

Zhao, D., the Cultivation of Primary and Secondary School Teacher Leaders – Case study of Stanford Teacher Education Program [J]. Educational Science Research, 2017,01, 82-87

  • Books and Chapters:

Zhao, D. (2018). Educational Quality Reform in compulsory Education in the United States. Included in International Comparative Study of Educational Quality in Contemporary Compulsory Education. The report was submitted to the Teacher Work Department of the Ministry of Education and was accepted

“The Earth is So Small” explores STEAM learning through project-based learning. Tsinghua University Press (submitted for review)

  • Project:

Beijing Education science “12th Five-Year plan” youth special project CIA14173 participant

  • Conference and invited talks attended:

2019 Meeting of Teacher Educator Alliance of Chinese Education Association, served as the judge of the “Innovative Talent Training Plan” between the Ministry of Education-LEGO Group.

2019 LEGO Idea Conference, invited by LEGO Foundation

2018 World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference, presented topic:Reflective Practices for Pre-service Teachers: through the Bourdieu’s Lens of Field and Habitus

2017 Global Teacher Education Summit, presented topic:Cultivating Teacher Leaders–the Case Study of Stanford Teacher Education Program

  • Reviewer:

Cogent Education