Teaching and Curriculum Development

Teaching is another one of the main tasks of  TULLL. Based around the concept of 21st century skills, the Chinese National Curriculum Standards, and the concept of “Learning through Play”, we are developing series of creativity courses covering preschool to college students. We provide teacher and parent training which correspond to our curricula, and can be used by students of various ages and can be supported within schools and at home also. Currently we are designing various curricula for subjects including math, earth sciences, robotics and coding for primary school students.

Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences can be seen in everyday life, with mathematical conceptual knowledge crystalizing at very early stages within our childhood. However, throughout the schooling process the the intuitive element of math is often lost, and it becomes distant from reality. Thus, our curriculum uses real-life scenarios that genuinely apply to the lives of the average child, allowing each child to become the agent of knowledge acquisition and forming a deep, personal understanding of key mathematical concepts.

Earth Sciences

Scientific discoveries and technological innovations are constantly being built upon, thus it is important for us to cultivate students’ foundational scientific literacy and ability/desire to independently explore from an early age. The essential guiding principal of this curriculum is inquiry-based learning, which encourages students to derive scientific knowledge through their own hands-on activities and teamwork.

Robotics and coding

There is an increasing demand for those with the ability to code and use robotics in modern society, and thus children need to be able to handle large and complex data sets in such a way that they can effectively problem-solve in such a context. Through this course, students will not only learn how to build and code so as to solve different reality-based problems, but in doing so will also develop their computational thinking.

Basic Education Stage

Project X

The TULLL Long-term Experimental Class

The TULLL Summer Camp

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