Xuanzi Tao

Research Interest:Public Relationships




Tao received her Bachelor degree of Finance from East China Normal University, Master degree of Applied Economics from City University of Hong Kong, joined the Lifelong Learning Laboratory in August 2017.


Peng Ruiwen, Tao Xuanzi, Cultivating Future Talents with Lifelong Learning Ability, International Academic Dynamics Magazine, 2020


Planning, design and production of TULLL Official Website;

Theme planning and editing of TULLL WeChat Official Account ;

Planning and editing the annual report of TULLL from 2017 to 2019;

Publicity and promotion of the “Lifelong Learning and Positive Education Conference” in 2018;

Host of the 2018 “Lifelong Learning and Active Education Conference” Lightning Speech session;

Recruitment and publicity of summer and winter camps of 2018;

Host of the press conference of “International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Future Talents” in 2019;

Promotion and publicity of 2019 “International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Future Talents”;

Advisor of “New Topics Summer Camp” in Tsinghua Attached Middle School in 2020.