Ruiwen Peng(EMMA)

Peng Ruiwen(Emma)is currently studying for her doctorate at the Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University. Shereceived her Master of Science (MSc) from Oxford University and her Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Durham University in England.


Research Area

Tangible Interaction Design for Children,Lifelong Learning,Creative Education

Project Experience

1. The cultivation of students’ innovative ability as the mission, and actively advocate Design Thinking to stimulate the creativity of children, Peng Ruiwen coauthored with Chen Chaohua on a book and developed courses for 5-8 years old, and coauthored with Zhao Di for a book in Earth Sciences as a series of books edited by the Lab for Lifelong Learning, Tsinghua University to be published by the Tsinghua University Press.

2. Peng Ruiwen wa sone of the chief reviewers of Computational Thinking and Programming, which will be published by Tsinghua University Press as a series of books on improving scientific education ability. This book can be used as a popularscience education textbook for teenagers on computational thinking and programming, and also for the training of science and technology teachers in primary and secondary schools.

3. Peng Ruiwen was one of the editors of “Design Thinking and Innovative Education”. As one of the series of teaching materials for teachers’ education of”entrepreneurship and innovation” in normal universities, it can be used as relevant teaching materials and reference books for model students, as well as training materials for primary and secondary school teachers.

4. Peng Ruiwen was one of the editors of Our Little Friends: Dogs, a picture book that guides children to practice “Raising dogs in a civilized way and being a responsible little owner”. It was published by the China Labor and Social Security Publishing House in May 2019.

5. Peng Ruiwen was the emcee in many conferences and workshops, such as the International Conference on Lifelong Learning in Tsinghua University in May 2017, the Conference on Lifelong Learning and Positive Education in Chengdu in December 2018, and the International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Future Talents at the Beijing National Conference Center in December 2019, all were organized by the Lab for Lifelong Learning, TsinghuaUniversity, in order to advocate the idea of lifelong learning and influence decision makers in creative education.

6. Peng Ruiwen spoke at the “SEK2019 China children’s science education peak BBS”and “science education branch” founding conference, and gave aninvited speech on “under the concept of lifelong learning of STEAM education” in Beijing, July 2019. She pointed out that the purpose ofchildren’s science education was more than just learning scientific knowledge, but to cultivate their scientific attitude and scientific spirit, and putforward “learning through play and creation, and reimagine lifelong learning for new STEAM education connotation.

7. Peng Ruiwen, XuYingqing, Appearance Patent: Package Kit (drawer type) — Low-cost children’s Hands-on Experimental Kit, patent No.:201830408245.7


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