On September 24th, 2017, Denmark’s Crown Prince, Denmark’s Minister of Higher Education and Science, the Danish Ambassador Mr Anders Carsten Damsgaard visited TULLL. Bin Yang, vice President and provost of Tsinghua University, welcomed the guests.

The Danish crown prince and guests watched the innovative work designed by students from Tsinghua University and The High School Attached to Tsinghua University, showing keen interest and communicating with students. Later, TULLL director Yingqing Xu introduced the lab’s current research project to guests. The laboratory focuses on the early learning process of children to research lifelong learning and cognitive development. Finally, guests listened to the innovative learning workshops of Tsinghua students. Under the guidance of the teacher, the primary school students took “world environment problem” as the theme, designed solutions , produced a vivid model through group cooperation.

At the end of the course, students from Tsinghua University Primary School presented hand-painted fans to the guests.

The 2017 International Conference on Lifelong Learning, organized by the Lab for Lifelong Learning, Tsinghua University (TULLL) was held on May 20-21, 2017 at the University. The conference aims to promote the concept of lifelong learning in global context of science and technology development in the 21st century. We also aim to convene experts, scholars, educators, innovative practitioners, and all stakeholders in the field of education to share their research and exemplary practices both in China and abroad. Lifelong learning is a mindset that empowers individuals to continuously and actively pursue self-fulfilment. Lifelong learning is also an approach that develops holistic competences for a changing world. Through the process of self-motivating, reflective thinking, relentless pursuing, lifelong learners acquire new knowledge and skills. The concept of lifelong learning advances with the wave of scientific and technological innovation, and remains everlastingly novel with practice of every person.

280 attendees from China, Denmark, France, United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong, as well as participants from other countries and regions joined the conference. In addition, the video conference was watched live online by approximately 800 person-times. Vice President of Tsinghua University, Director-General of Tsinghua University Education Foundation, Director of Advisory Committee for TULLL, Professor Bin Yang, delivered the opening speech. Professor Yang first warmly welcomed the guests and participants who attended the conference from all over the world, and expressed appreciation to the LEGO Foundation for their continuous support of TULLL. Professor Yang shared his understanding and thoughts of lifelong learning from both theoretical and practical perspectives. He pointed out that lifelong learning in China still has a long way to go, and life-long learning remains the challenge that everyone faces, and therefore,“the convening of this meeting took place exactly the time when needed. It will certainly play a positive impact in promoting the concept of lifelong learning in China.”Ms. Qiang Liu, Division Head from the Educational Equipment Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Education, also delivered a her speech with passion. She pointed out that“lifelong learning is a very important topic at present. Education is not only imparting knowledge, but more importantly to cultivate talents and shape personality.”

The ICLL has invited 10 influential keynote speakers. They are:

Professor Mitchel Resnick from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Bo Stjerne Thomsen from the LEGO Foundation

Professor Weihe Xie from Tsinghua University

Professor Todd Lubart from the University Paris Descartes

Professor Yan-Jie Su from Peking University

Prof. Jie-Qi Chen from the Erikson Institute in the U.S.

Professor Francois Grey from the University of Geneva

Professor Ying-Qing Xu from TULLL

The Principal of Tsinghua University Primary School, Gui-Mei Dou

The Executive Principal of the Tsinghua University International, Wen-Ying Zhang.

Each of them delivered outstanding and inspirational talks on topics of lifelong learning and innovative practices of educational practices. Teaching staff from primary schools, secondary schools and universities have participated in the Conference, as well as educators and specialists from educational institutions and global companies. Over 40 guest speakers were invited to present on 8 insightful workshops each day on the following topics that were interested to the particiants: Research on the Development of Creativity, Lifelong learning and Creative Learning (Interdisciplinary Education for Creative Learning), Pedagogy workshop (Project-based Learning, Four in One Teaching and Learning, Learning through Play), Play and Learning for Life (Exploring Tangible Technology Tools with Young Children and the Digital Play Framework), Creative Education Practice (Technology and Innovative Education, What we talk about when we talk about Innovative Education), How to design Learning Product with Technology, Learning Content Revolution-Content Design in the Interactive Multimedia Era, Innovative Practices of Engineering Education, Practices of Engineering Education in Industry. On day one, the educational documentary of the“Most Likely to Succeed”was screened over the lunch time and on day two, a Build the Change activity showcasing learning through play was broadcasted from the Danish Embassy to the ICLL participants in Tsinghua University. Over the two days, the participants and guest speakers shared their insights and generated many great ideas. The International Conferece on Lifelong Learning has contributed to the future lifelong learning research and practices.