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We understand lifelong learning as continuously taking actions in gaing knowldege and applying it into practice and innovation with passion and scientific ways of methods, in order to pursuit a happier life and a sustainable society. We hope to promote the understanding of lifelong learning through early child development research and educational practices, because lifelong learning is not only a concept or a slogan, but also a cultivable and trainable ability and habit that we can all have through personal growth. We believe that the process should start as early as possible in life, so as to benifit the later stages.


The speed of the world changes is beyond our imagination. It took thousands of years from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age, a few hundred years from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, a few decades from the Information Age to the Mobile Internet, and only a few years from the Mobile Internet to the Age of the Artificial Intelligence. We believe that becoming a creative and engaged lifelong learner is now a must in coping with the more and more rapid changes. Actually there is reason to believe that everyone wants and needs to be a lifelong learner. With the rapid development of science and technology, we need to find innovative ways to equip ourselves and our next generation to meet the challenges of both individuals and society. Therefore, we need to acquire the key ability to meet the needs for life and at work, especially the ability to innovate and cooperate, through an education system that truly empowers creative learning.


Based on the understanding of lifelong learning, TULLL has proposed a Roadmap for the Lifelong Learner, which paved the way for people at all ages to become a lifelong learner. Here is our version 1.0 and we will continue to improve it in order to better suit the needs of the future society.


International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Future Talents was held in the National Conference Center

The Artificial Intelligence * Lifelong Learning Innovative Design Competition of Tsinghua University

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