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Happy birthday to TULLL!

On April 19, 2019, TULLL  had its third birthday. Dr. Rao Zhen, from the Faculty of Education of Cambridge University, delivered a keynote speech “Pretend Play :is not as simple as you might have thought”; At the end of the activity, Emma, deputy director of Tsinghua University, presided over the appointment ceremony of consultant for […]

The TULLL Summer Camp

TULLL science and technology camp are open for children aged 6-13 in summer and winter holidays.With the goal of cultivating “future oriented and creative lifelong learners”, TULLL science and technology innovation camp currently has three systems of courses: Construction mode of the future world — engineering thinking If computational thinking is more about “software” – […]

The TULLL Long-term Experimental Class

As a forward-looking education practitioner and product developer, TULLL has set up a long-term experimental class in September 2017. At first, it was mainly composed of irregular sharing sessions, workshops and salons, which were well received by parents. To the requirements of the parents and students, and meet the development of the Lab itself, TULLL […]

Project X

Project X was officially launched in December 2017. A total of 26 children aged 6-7 participated in two classes, which lasted three hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. We hope to explore more scientific educational methods, that is, to teach children to learn computer science knowledge and develop their creativity […]

Prof Xu’s Graduation Address to Tsinghua University High School International-Chaoyang

Dear President Wang Dianjun, President Shi Ping, and President Zhang Wenying; Dear teachers, parents and graduates; Good evening! It is my great honor to be here, many thanks to the invitation of Tsinghua University High School International-Chaoyang. First of all, congratulations to every graduate. As graduates of the first cohort, you have made your school […]

TULLL was interviewed by China Today

Early this month TULLL (Lab for Lifelong Learning, Tsinghua University ) had the pleasure of having an interview with the “China Today” magazine. The report was then published on June 6th. We believe that learning is not only about gaining knowledge, but also the holistic development of people. Their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative […]

Let’s play! A brand new home!

On March 15 2018, Mr. Søren Holm, experience lead from Lego Foundation visited Tsinghua University Lifelong Learning Lab (TULLL) and held a workshop. Lab members collaborated to prototype a Lego home targeting at developing five different skills that Lego aims to develop in children: physical, social, cognitive, creative and emotional skills. The workshop culminated in […]

The TULLL Fellowship is Officially Launched

On September 24th, 2017,at the opening ceremony of “Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow – Play, Creativity, and Social Values”, hosted by Tsinghua University, China – Denmark’s education symposium, the TULLL fellowship lauching ceremony was held.  2017 EMBA graduates of Tsinghua University Zhenyu Wang, Li Yu and Na Liu, Tsinghua University in 2017, honoured with the […]

SDG Innovative Learning Summer Project(2017)in Beijing

Project Introduction In September 2015, the United Nations(UN) committed to 17 sustainable development goals (or SDG). Governments will strive to achieve goals like eradicating absolute poverty, against inequality and responding to climate changes for the next 15 years. Thus, the youth should be able to play an active and meaningful role in tackling SDG. This […]

Lab for Lifelong Learning at Tsinghua University (TULLL) Inaugurated

A Lab for Lifelong Learning at Tsinghua University (TULLL) was inaugurated on April 19th  ,2016 at the Lee Shau-Kee Science and Technology Building, by Vice President of Tsinghua University Yang Bin, and Hanne Rasmussen, CEO of the LEGO Foundation. The Lab aims to become an international teaching and research center, developing in-depth research and innovation […]