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A classroom filled with questions – Brief introduction to Inquiry-based learning

The article introduces Inquiry-based learning (IBL) by providing examples of IBL classrooms, analysing the process of IBL, and explaining how it might benefit children’s learning skills. An IBL classroom is a student-centred classroom and aims to improve students’ self-learning skills. Unlike traditional acquisition style of learning, IBL enables students tolearn and practice not only knowledge […]

Let’s Play Online! – The influence of Play with Technology to Children development

Electronic toys and digital games expand the forms of playing for our children nowadays. Evidence shows that it won’t replace the traditional activities and playing materials of early childhood, such as reading and playing sand. Technology enhances the affordances of traditional play and has the same basic functions as other media in serving children’s development […]

RUIWEN  (EMMA)  PENG Ruiwen Peng(Emma)is currently studying for her doctorate at the Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University. Shereceived her Master of Science (MSc) from Oxford University and her Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Durham University in England. Research Area Tangible Interaction Design for Children,Lifelong Learning,Creative Education Project Experience 1. The cultivation of students’ […]

How do you “play” with creativity?

Creativity is an essential skill for the 21st century. However, unlike academic skills, such as Chinese, Maths and English, it is not something that can be taught in a large scale and be assessed by standardized tests in schools. This is also why the cultivation of creativity is such a challenge for parents and educators. […]

After all the talk about “Creativity”, what exactly is creativity?

Creativity is the key to mankind’s ability to cope with the future era of artificial intelligence, and will be an important factor in distinguishing humans from robots. With the development of modern society and technology, creativity is becoming more and more popular among parents and educators alike.   People may often think that creativity is […]

Learning through “play”?! There are rules!

As an essential part of children’s daily life, play has long been regarded as an antithesis of learning in early education. In fact, play is very beneficial to learning, but how to “play” is a trick. In this article, we will introduce and compare two types of play: Free Play and Guided Play. Then, we […]

Are Girls less Talented than boys in STEM?

In an era of rapid technological development, STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is greatly valued but the gender inequality still exists. Men far outnumber women both in STEM education and careers. According to a recent UNESCO survey, only 30% of women in higher education worldwide study STEM-related subjects. Is there a gender difference in […]

Motivation: A Catalyst for Effective Learning

How can we keep students motivated in self-directed learning? In this article, we will approach this topic from educational psychology and share a few learning design strategies and practical approaches. Motivation sustains our effort and explains why people take on challenges. While learning requires extra effort, motivation affects how much energy a learner can allocate […]

“International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Future Talents” was held in the National Conference Center

From December 22 to 23, “International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Future Talents” was held in the National Conference Center,Beijing. Experts, scholars, educators and educational practitioners from home and abroad have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on topics including how to cultivate lifelong learning ability and future talents, evaluation standards of future talents, educational innovation […]

The Artificial Intelligence * Lifelong Learning Innovative Design Competition of Tsinghua University

“The Artificial Intelligence * Lifelong Learning Innovative Design Competition of Tsinghua University” in 2019 has come to an end on July 3rd. The competition is based on the combination of artificial intelligence and lifelong learning. It is organized by TULLL. We aim to recruit lifelong learners who want to change the world mainly among Tsinghua University […]