About Tsinghua University Lab for Lifelong Learning (TULLL)

The establishment of TULLL is the result of a long-term strategic partnership between Tsinghua University and the LEGO Foundation. TULLL focuses on interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research around creative learning. The key interest of the Lab is to support creativity and learning throughout the Chinese education system and international education community from early childhood through university, by establishing a learning environment that stimulates competencies like creativity, collaboration, innovation and problem solving, regardless of age or subject matter.

TULLL has three main purposes :

  • To promote new technologies and play-based activities to stimulate creative engagement among children and students.
  • To study how play influences the creativity and learning of children and students.
  • To convene decision-makers, change-makers, educators, and innovators across the educational system of China and worldwide.

TULLL is co-supported by the Academy of Arts & Design, the Fundamental Industry Training Center (iCenter), and the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University.


“Empower Every Lifelong Learner”

It’s one’s mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors that shape someone to be a lifelong learner. One’s mindset should be on built on “growth” while also being “process-driven”, whereby people are given the freedom to be autonomous and do not fear change. One’s attitude should be “proactive”, specifically referring to the ability to self-motivate, act spontaneously, and experience self-reward. Behaviors should be “action-based”, whereby a “show, don’t tell” approach is paramount. TULLL is committed to infuse the spirit of lifelong learning into the mainstream and initiating positive change!


  • Redefine educational outcomes for all age groups, with a greater emphasis on imagination, cross-disciplinary integration and developing skills for lifelong learning.
  • Develop and showcase innovative learning technologies and tools which can inform formal educational systems as well as inspiring the informal maker communities.
  • Conduct world-class scientific research on learning behavior and environment, with an emphasis on early childhood.
  • Convene decision makers, education practitioners, technological innovators and all lifelong learners on a global scale.

Our Team

We are very fortunate to be able to work with an array of wonderful consultants, including Tarun Varma from the LEGO Foundation and Prof. Francois Grey, the International Director from the University of Geneva. Furthermore, we will be supported on an ongoing basis by a team of graduate students mainly from the Academy of Art and Design and the School of Social Sciences at Tsinghua.

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