“The Artificial Intelligence * Lifelong Learning Innovative Design Competition of Tsinghua University” in 2019 has come to an end on July 3rd. The competition is based on the combination of artificial intelligence and lifelong learning. It is organized by TULLL. We aim to recruit lifelong learners who want to change the world mainly among Tsinghua University students. The competition builds a multidisciplinary platform that integrates research, communication and hands-on practice and stimulates deeper thoughts in the field of artificial intelligence and innovative education.
A total of about 40 students entered the competition in groups or individuals. In March 2019, the competition collected works for the preliminary competition. The  semi-competition was held in April 2019, and the final was held on July 3.Seven groups of students made it to the finals. Judges of the final are: Søren Holm, Experience Director of LEGO Foundation, Garrett Jaeger, Researcher, Olav gjerloufsen, Director of Technology Innovation, Georgine Paltzer, Project Manager, Xu Yingqing, Director of TULLL and Cui Bowen(Kelvin), CEO of Zhuchuang Education Technology Co., Ltd..

The theme of this year’s competition is creating a future for children. Contestants released their creativity in the projects, using artificial intelligence to design intelligent learning tools with a human touch, and had a strong sense of social responsibility, committed to changing the world with their efforts.

Please check the series of articles present the excellent projects of the finalists on TULLL official WeChat :

大赛作品分享 | 盲人儿童电子音乐乐高积木Electronic Music LEGO for Blind Children

AI+大赛作品 | 乐(yuè)高——让造型可以被聆听Music LEGO

大赛作品分享 |“乐高+电子游戏=建筑学启蒙” City Code


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