From December 22 to 23, “International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Future Talents” was held in the National Conference Center,Beijing. Experts, scholars, educators and educational practitioners from home and abroad have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on topics including how to cultivate lifelong learning ability and future talents, evaluation standards of future talents, educational innovation exploration under the background of artificial intelligence, and global exploration of innovative education, etc. The conference has provided a platform for multi-party dialogue about lifelong learning and future talent cultivation between interdisciplinary, cross scenario.

On the basis of two successful sessions held in 2017 and 2018, the conference focuses on “lifelong learning ability and future talent training”, focusing on exploring the construction of lifelong learning system and innovation of future education concepts and models in the era of artificial intelligence, promoting foreign exchange and cooperation, mutual inspiration and reference in basic education, and sharing practical experience of lifelong learning ability and future of young children in personnel training.

Main forum

The academic forum of the conference was hosted by Peng Ruiwen, Deputy Director of TULLL. The academic speech of the conference focused on how to cultivate future talents, the development and prospect of future education technology, personalized learning exploration in talent training, global exploration of innovative education under the concept of lifelong learning, etc. 

Pro.Mitchel Resnick from MIT, the Father of the Scratch, Pro.Xie Weihe, Dean of the Education Institute  from Tsinghua University, Pro. Benjamin Mardell, Principle Investigator at the Project Zero of Harvard University, Pro. Wang Dianjun, Principal of Tsinghua University High School, Pro.Meng Fanhua, Principal and Deputy Party Secretary of the Capital Normal University, Pro.Liu Jian, Chief Expert and Deputy Director of Collaborative Innovation Center of  Assessment for Basic Education Quality, Pro.Fred Dervin from Multicultural Education from Helsinki University of Finland, Pro.Li Shuangshou,Director of Fundamental Industry Training Center( iCenter)of Tsinghua University, Pro.Xu Yingqing, Director of the Future Lab and  Lifelong Learning Lab at Tsinghua University delivered keynote speech respectively.

Parallel Sub-forum

On the 23rd, three parallel sub forums highlighted the characteristics of “practical” and launched a number of solution exploration and best practice cases on the basis of exploring the top-level design concept and development direction of lifelong learning and future education. The forum invited front-line educators from kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, universities, public and private schools to lay a foundation for the future in terms of “how to cultivate and evaluate future talents”, “how to cultivate future key skills in the era of artificial intelligence” and “how to cultivate lifelong learning ability” from the perspectives of basic education and higher education, within and outside the system, international and domestic cross-cultural as well as different regions “Base” and other topics for point of view collision and experience mutual learning. Guests exchanged viewpoints of education policy, evaluation standard, future talent training scheme, technology application, first-line practice cases and curriculum design.

Conference Guide Book

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