Yingqing Xu
Yingqing Xu, Director More Info
Emma Peng
Emma PengEducation for Children‘s Computational Thinking, Design Thinking and Creativity, Educational Game DesignMore Info
Zhen Wu
Zhen WuPrelinguistic Communication, Word Learning, Caregiver-child Interactions, Pro-social Behavior, Social CognitionMore Info
Di Zhao
Di ZhaoTeacher Education, Teacher Education Textbook Analysis, Innovative Teacher Education StrategiesMore Info
Jingyu Xi, Researcher
Jingyu Xi, ResearcherBoston University, M.Ed Teaching English to speakers of other languages
Xuanzi Tao
Xuanzi TaoPublic Relationship
Siyu Zha
Siyu ZhaCreativity, Learning Motivation,Innovative Education Design,More Info

We are very fortunate to be able to work with an array of wonderful consultants, including Tarun Varma from the LEGO Foundation.