Teaching and Curriculum Development

Teaching is one of the main tasks for TULLL. Based on 21st century skills, the National Curriculum Standards, and the concept of “Learning through Play”, we are developing series of creativity course covering preschool to college students. We provide teacher and parent training that corresponds to our curricula for students at different ages, as supports for school and home practice. Currently we are designing various curricula including math, earth science, robotic and coding for primary school students.

Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences is in everyday life. Our math knowledge sprouts from a very early stage in our childhood. Proper training would facilitate the development of our math ability. With ample realistic scenes and games based on children’s life as well as developmental theories, this curriculum aims to encourage children to be the agent in knowledge exploring acquisition through and eventually fostering their mathematical understanding.

Earth Sciences

The scientific discoveries and technology innovations are constantly changing. It is important for us to cultivate students’ science literacy and ability of exploration from their early age. The main guiding principal of this curriculum is inquiry-based learning, which encourages students to learn the knowledge of earth sciences through hands-on activities and teamwork.

Robotics and coding

There is a need to learn to code and use robotics in the new era, and the children need to be able to cope with large amount of data and learn to problem solve with this. Through this course, students will not only know how to build and code to solve different problems in the reality, but also develope their ability of computational thinking.