Supporting Children’s Language & Literacy Development

On May 18th, Dr. Carol Scheffner Hammer delivered a presentation about Supporting Children’s Language & Literacy Development at TULLL.  Dr. Hammer is the professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Teachers College, Columbia University.  Her research addresses four interrelated areas that focus on young children’s school readiness and academic outcomes.  These include: trajectories of children’s language and literacy development; environmental and cultural influences on children’s development; assessment of children’s language abilities; and interventions that promote children’s language and literacy development.  Dr. Hammer has a particular interest in bilingual children and children from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.

Download the slides:Supporting Children’s Language & Literacy Development

Learning through Play

The Lego foundation works with TULLL to redefine play and learning. We hope to build a future which can empower children to become creative and participatory lifelong learners through “learning through play”. Nowadays, children are living in a world of rapid change, global challenges and close ties. These factors will affect their future life. The vision of becoming lifelong learners is more important than ever before.

In this leaflet, we share our view of play as an important vehicle for children’s learning and about how playful experiences support children in developing the skills to serve them, their communities and society through a lifetime. What reality looks like for children differs dramativally across time, cultures and contexts but the deep understanding  that comes from effective learning experiences will no doubt help prepare them for navigating the future.

Our hope is to bring together voices across the wider community of passionate advocates and partners promoting learning through play in children’s lives. Together, we can create a powerful platform for advocating about learnig through play globally.

Download Learning Through Play in pdf version: Learning through Play leaflet

Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Design

On December 14th  2017,Professor Fernando Reimers, Ford Foundation Professor for the Practice of International Education, Director of Global Education Innovation Initiative, and Harvard University’s Director of International Education Policy Program, visited Tsinghua University Lab for Lifelong Learning. Reimers conducted a workshop on the theme of “Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Design”。

In this activity, school leaders and teachers are welcomed to design and plan curriculum aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the use of a tool developed by Professor Reimers, and to engage them in the development of curriculum which they can use at school level.

Here are the shared resources:

Empowering Students to Improve the World in Sixty Lessons.pdf

TULLL Annual Report

From April 2016 to December 2017(PDF)

TULLL Yearbook