About Lifelong Learning


We believe that, lifelong learning is a mindset that empowers individuals to continuously and actively pursue self-fulfillment. Lifelong learning is also an approach that develops holistic competences for a changing world. Lifelong learners should possess the following:

  • Growth mindset to keep trying and not be afraid of failing
  • Positive attitudes to embrace new environments and challenges
  • Continuous self-driven learning behaviors


We should become lifelong learners in order to adapt and thrive in a fast changing world. Innovative ways are needed to prepare our children and students for the future, so that they will have critical skills to meet the needs at work and in the society.


Based on the understanding of lifelong learning, we consider the 5 traits to be the most important of learning process, and we develop our learning tools around these actions:explore, create, persist, collaborate and reflect


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HRH Crown Prince Visited TULLL

SDG Innovative Learning Summer Project(2017)

2017 International Conference on Lifelong Learning was Successfully Held at Tsinghua University


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Offered training classes for MBA, EMBA and Executive Training students from Tsinghua School of Economics and Management. Cumulative number of participants: 500+


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