About Lifelong Learning


We believe that, lifelong learning is a mindset that empowers individuals to continuously and actively pursue self-fulfillment. Lifelong learning is also an approach that develops holistic competencies for our changing world. Lifelong learners should possess the following:

  •  A ‘growth mindset’ which promotes persistence and reduces one’s fear of failure
  • Positive attitudes towards embracing new environments and challenges
  • Continuous, self-driven learning behaviors


In a world which is changing faster than ever, society as a whole must put an emphasis on lifelong learning in order to produce learners who can adapt and thrive within fluid situations. To prepare the next generations for this future, we must now begin innovating methods and tools which can provide them with the critical skills and mindsets which will make them competent professionals and citizens going forward. 


Through our understanding of lifelong learning, we consider these 5 traits (Explore, Create, Persist, Collaborate, Reflect) to be the most important within the process of learning, and thus we develop our learning tools in such a way that each one is adequately incorporated.


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